General Help
This page is all about general help people required when they come to visit website. So here take a glance on these queries which may helpful to you.
To register on MyUniversityBuzz, it is actually very simple but we found that people are not able to find the point from which they can sign up, so here are the details
 1) Click on the top right "+" sign of the page.
top bar
 2) Click on the "New here? Create an account." which is at the bottom on the list to create your account. You will be redirected towards registration page.
Popup win
 3) Enter your Credentials and Click on Register Button..... Thats it!! You have successfully created an account.
Forum is the main tool which show real time display or experiences of universities activities which are happening across maharashtra. so here are few tips for how to post on your college category.
 1) First of all, select your college from board categories dropdown list and click on "Go" to redirect you to your college cateogy. 
Forum Recent Topics
 2) Post in your category whatever interesting you want to post by clicking on new topic.
 3) Now what you have posted will be seen by every single student from every single college of your university.
There is also recent topics tab which shows all recent topics posted by people from there respective colleges.