April 22, 2024

With The Tallest Magnificent Building In Dubai, Who Doesn’t Want To Learn Interior Designing Courses!

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Dubai has been one of the best cities to explore tourism and education. With the upcoming projects, a lot has changed in UAE, allowing an international student with a wide variety of courses and making the visa process smoother and faster than in other countries. It would be a great place to invest in your education and land a good job there to earn in Dirhams than earning here in Rupees.

Interior designing course

The interior designing courses give the student insight into the fundamental learnings of design from a very practical and historic perspective. In addition, it aims to create awareness for various tools related to graphics and which are used by the designers for communication of his/her design philosophy.

Students who take this course up are also exposed to various techniques, how the construction happens and all the materials involved, with specifications and professional practice.

With the emerging construction industry, Dubai has given no doubt in its performance. The tallest structure present, Burj Khalifa, is an iconic masterpiece and dreams of many just to come and visit it. With such superb architects and interior designers, there is a lot to learn from it.

Best colleges to study

  • American University of Sharjah
  • Heriot-Watt University
  • College of Architecture, Art, and Design
  • Abu Dhabi University
  • Canadian University of Dubai
  • School of Architecture, Art, and Design


To pursue higher education, a lot of formalities are needed. Firstly, your educational background should be in place. With all that, the main requirement for applying to international universities is ielts in uae based. This is nothing but the proficiency of English, you stand-in. Other than that, everything is just your agent’s headache to process.

IELTS in uae can be done from the official testing centre, which is the British Council. Almost 80% of students get their certificates from here as the process is pretty smooth and clear. However, universities like the American University of Sharjah and many others also operate in taking tests for people.

Test structure

This has two options, one is for a student visa which is the academic IELTS, and the other is for permanent Residency, which is the general IELTS. Academic has four modules, namely listening, writing, speaking, and reading. It has a time of 45 minutes till the completion. The speaking test is interview-based which takes place separately. This exam has two ways of getting delivered, which are paper-based and computer-based.

Aspects are- content, scoring, types of questions, timing, test report form, delivery of the speaking test, and verification of results. It almost takes 15 days to get your results in hand. The results which you receive, if they don’t meet the requirement of the university, you are expected to give it another time.

With a variety of courses, interior designing coursesis one of the famous ones among high school students. When it comes to processing for a visa, the IELTS UAE-based exam must be valid for two years in case you miss out on intakes of colleges.