April 22, 2024

Java or . Net- which one has better job scope in 2021?

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Becoming a great programmer takes years and consistent efforts but you must be careful while choosing the first programming language. We are providing you two options here including Java programing and .NET. These are used widely by programmers across the world.

Once you master any one of them, it will land you in the right company. You will also get plenty of opportunities to work as a freelancer.

If you want to explore the field of programming with any of these languages, let’s dive into their insights. So that, you can decide what’s best for you. Both of them are designed to work for server-side and desktop applications but which will help you in getting the job? Let’s find the answer to this question.

Overview of Java & .NET 

.NET is a cross-platform framework and not a programming language. It is used for developing, modern high-end web, cloud, and mobile apps. Every code written with .NET is Framework is referred to as “managed code”. This framework has a vast class library known as Framework Class Library. It also offers language interoperability.

Java is a high-level object-oriented programming language. Its syntax is matched with C and C++ and the code is compatible to run on all platforms supporting java. It doesn’t need any recompilation while running code on any platform. There is a big community of Java developers who can help you in learning Java easily. As java is portable, programmers are free to choose the operating system where to want to work on. You can choose any tool to work without thinking about compatibility.


There are some limitations of Java when it comes to licensing. Programmers have to grab the licensing concept before even learning Java. If a programmer doesn’t’ do that, he will have to pay a hefty amount to Oracle for licensing. Hence, understand Oracle JDK basics and the difference between this and Oracle Open JDK. Along with that, read about Binary code license, GPLv2+CPE license, and all the other relevant licensing concepts. For clearing doubts and queries, research on Quora. You will get your doubts clear there.

On the other side, .NET provides a lot of advantages for building applications but it’s still not appropriate to employ in client-side development. Instead of .NET, programmers prefer JavaScript or any other framework.


Java developers are available in huge amounts throughout the world whereas the population of.NET developers are too less. Also, more and more people are coming forward to learn Java programming. Regardless of that, the average salary received by both is equal or having a difference of a few thousand dollars. Still, if you use window-based solutions then .NET is the only framework that we will suggest.

Wrapping it Up

If you want to learn java programming or the .NET framework, take out some time to understand the basics. And please don’t make your hand dirty on both. Always focus on learning one of them and then another one. Research for the java certification course or .NET course on a reliable platform and start learning today. It will give a boost to your career and open more opportunities for you. For your convenience, NIIT has curated a simple to understand Java certification course.