April 22, 2024

Refer to these tips to score well in your 10th exams

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10th standard is a milestone in the life of all the students. It is the year in which the students embark upon the most important journey of their life as it paves the way for one’s career. It is up to the students which career path they have to walk down upon. NCERT is the National Council Of Educational Research and Training. It is an autonomous organization of the Government of India, and it has revolutionized the concept of learning. NCERT has taken the initiative to enable a qualitative improvement in school education.

Science is one of the main subjects in the curriculum, and the students need to study this subject thoroughly to get good marks. Referring to class 10 science ncert solutions helps the students to get good marks in the most effective way possible.

One should refer to the tips given below for scoring well in the 10th standard exams-

  • Start the preparation from the first day itself!

Every student has a different pace of learning. However, it is always best to start early. Every teacher recommends starting with preparing for the exam as early as possible. class 10 science ncert solutions help the students prepare in the most impeccable way possible. Extramarks provide the students with these solutions.

  • Chalk out a proper schedule and adhere to it

Time management is essential and the most crucial aspect of preparing for the board examination. It is not possible to succeed without a proper time timetable. class 10 science ncert solutions have a set of question banks that help the student prepare. They have a set of tricky questions that equip the students and prepare them for the challenging questions they are about to face shortly.

  • Stick to the syllabus

Many students use different reference sources while studying science as it is a vast subject. However, in this quest of referring to different types of study material, many students often tend to overlook the main curriculum. Hence, it is also important to refer textbook as well. The class 10 science ncert solutions have all the answers that are affiliated with the textbooks. NCERT follows the same pattern as the textbook. The board exam question are picked up from the NCERT books!

  • Practice solving through the previous year question papers

If you want to score good marks in the board examination, it is important to practice through the previous year question papers. class 10 science ncert solutions have all the previous year question papers. The questions that are asked in the examination will make the student acquainted with the question pattern. It follows the latest trend of questions. It is advisable to use this solution provided by Extramarks months before the commencement of the board examination. The solution also releases the marking scheme that is set by the board.

When the student solves the questions, it makes him realize where he stands in terms of the preparation of the examination.