February 24, 2024

Uni Life in Melbourne During the Winter

3 min read
uni student enjoying winter

One of the main reasons why Melbourne is so exciting for students, both domestic and international, is that the city is able to offer them everything that they need. No matter the weather, there is fun to be had in Melbourne and today we are going to focus in particular on how students are able to get the most out of winter time here. No matter whether you are staying in a Melbourne residential college or a private apartment in the city, there is something for everyone during the winter time and here is exactly what life looks like for students in Melbourne during these months.

Night Market

Night markets often pop-up in Melbourne during the winter months, and one of the very best is the Queen Victoria night market. The market is open every Wednesday until the end of August and  students can get discounts on a huge range of food options. The market offers stalls for purchasing food items and stalls selling hot meals for you to enjoy. This is the perfect example of how Melbourne comes to life during the winter time.

Ski Trip

Embracing the cold is the best way to approach the winter months here, and students often enjoy heading up to the mountains for a weekend, and skiing Mount Buller. Now most Melbourne student accommodation may not have the space for skiing equipment storage, but most resorts up on the mountains have some great deals for students when it comes to renting.

Heat Up In the Springs

The hot springs of Mornington Peninsula offer the perfect relief to the colder months for Melbourne students. These springs are less than an hour outside the city and beyond warming you up, they also provide a stunning vista across Sorrento and Point Nepean. Students can enjoy some time in the springs for just $20, which is an absolute bargain for anyone who is feeling the cold.

Sporting Action

Sometimes you just have to get out there and brave the cooler temperatures, and a sporting event is the perfect way for you to do just that. In particular we are talking about hitting an AFL game, and drinking in the incredible atmosphere of the MCG. Things will soon warm up once the game gets going and you have an Aussie pie in your belly. Even these sporting events offer student discount, which is what encourages so many students to head to these games each week.

Pub Life

And finally we cannot evade the fact that one of the best remedies to a cold day is to sit in the pub and have a good time with your friends. Pubs have a range of sporting events on, student deals and discounts, plus fires to keep the chill at bay. This may not be the most adventurous of options, but sitting watching the day go by in the pub is never a bad idea, especially if you are with good friends.

Melbourne is a very different place during the winter but it is equally as fun and exciting as it is during summer, especially for students.