February 24, 2024

Residential College Activities

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uni students

When it comes to picking accommodation during your time at university there are several options available. In the early years of university most students prefer to stay on-campus, with some opting for a residential college. This approach to uni life is very much all-encompassing and you will be staying close to your classrooms, being fed 3 meals each day, and taking part in a number of activities alongside fellow residential college students. The idea of residential college is to help students ease into university life and give them the best chances of getting the best education during their time there.

Let’s take a look at some of the activities which you could be involved in should you pick residential college accommodation.

Arts and Design

A residential college aims to nurture a sense of community amongst students, as well as seek to give them plenty of opportunities to find fulfilling hobbies. Arts and design are often a feature of this, even for students who are not studying such courses. Often the results of the work of these groups will feature in exhibitions around the campus, and in the college area itself.

Social Evenings

Most universities consider social evenings to be the best chance for students in this kind of accommodation to get to know one another. From group dinners to dances, karaoke nights, and sports evenings, these monthly socials are a great way for students to let their hair down and create relationships with others staying in this kind of student accommodation.

Sports Club

Sports clubs of all kinds are available to students in the residential college, and each is encouraged to pick something in which they wish to partake. This could be anything from football, netball, table tennis, hockey, tennis, swimming, squash, or athletics, there is something for everyone here. These student activities are designed to help students stay fit and healthy, learn leadership and teamwork, as well as forming friendships with other students.

Academic Events

Activities are not always about fun and games, there are also plenty of academic opportunities for those who wish to get involved. The residential college will put on science fairs, creative workshops, business ventures, and many more programs which are aimed at sparking the interest of those students staying here. Whilst students are always encouraged to get involved, they are not obliged to take part in these kinds of events.

Leadership Opportunities

This kind of student accommodation is aimed to provide those at uni with the chance to develop both academically and personally. This is why we often see business and leadership courses taking place, directed at these students. This gives young minds the chance to grow and learn what it takes to be a leader and how they might apply that to both their studies and their life beyond university.

It is this 360-degree approach that appeals to so many parents and students, and it is why a residential college is the preferred option for so many. Beyond the care and attention they are given during their studies, there are also many extra-curricular activities in which they can get involved.