July 15, 2024

Student Safety Tips For Residential School

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residential college building

Many universities across the world don’t only offer student dorm accommodation, but also a residential school which is something of an all-inclusive approach to a student’s time at university. This type of student accommodation will cost more than most, but it is a great option for so many students, especially those who are heading for their very first year at uni.

As much as the university and the residential school will do as much as possible to ensure the safety of its students, it is important that each student is also taking measures to improve their own personal safety. Before you head off to residential school, here are some safety tips which are worth bearing in mind.

Choosing Friends Wisely

The social side of your years at university are almost as important as the academic side, as this will teach you vital social skills for life. Unfortunately however it is all too easy to get mixed up with the wrong type of student, who can prove to be more toxic than helpful to your life and your studies. It is important that you don’t jump into friendships until you really get to know the person, to avoid reckless or potentially toxic people.

Sign Up For Safety Alerts

Most student accommodation will offer a text alert system for students, which the university will use to notify them against any potential threats. There are all manner of incidents which can occur on-campus, from assaults to rogue personnel. A text alert will inform you of these issues and can help you take a different course of action should the news impact you.

Locking Your Door

It may sound incredibly simple but it is imperative that you always have your door locked, whether you are in or out of the room. Most incidents of property or violent crime at residential colleges takes place inside the dorm room, and access is most often granted when a door hasn’t been locked. It is easy to become familiar with your fellow students at residential school, but that doesn’t mean that you should be complacent when it comes to locking the door.

Get Insurance

Something which many students fail to think about is insuring their personal belongings but it really is essential that they do. Of all on-campus crimes from 2021, 34% of them were stolen items. This is a high statistic and it is exactly why it is so important for students to take out insurance to cover items such as laptops and phones especially. For a very low price you can protect your valuable items in the event that they are stolen, either from your room or directly from you.

There is a certain sense which many students have when they go to university, and to a residential school, that there is no danger to worry about. In the main of course crime rates are relatively low in universities, but there are still some safety issues to worry about. With this in mind, students should be encouraged to take measures which will ensure that they remain safe during their time on campus.