July 15, 2024

What to Bring to Uni – Top Tips

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uni student

Going to university is a truly unique experience that no student can wait for. In order for your time at university to get off to a great start, it is critical that you pack the right things before you go. Beyond the basics such as clothing, there are some critical items there you must not forget. This is about growing up and learning to be independent and that grown up attitude starts before you leave home, in making sure that you have done your prep work. No matter what kind of student accommodation you plan to stay in, here are some of the most important items there you will need to take with you to university.


Whilst a lot of registration and enrolling can be done online, there will also be important items to sign up for when you arrive. With this in mind you must not forget to bring important documents with you such as identification credentials, qualification certificates and any other important documents that are asked for by the university.

Uni Supplies

Whilst you will most likely grab your study resources once you have reached university, there is a whole host of important supplies there you should grab before you leave home. These include stationary, notebooks, staplers, highlighters, rulers, post-it notes and of course a pair of scissors. These can all be bought when you arrive but it is always best, and likely cheaper, to grab it before you go.

Cleaning Supplies

Whilst uni accommodation will be provided it is up to you to make sure that you keep your space clean and tidy. This is why taking cleaning supplies with you is a smart idea. Make sure that you have antibacterial wipes, cleaning fluids such as multi-purpose cleaners, and of course some bleach to give the bathroom a scrub. Additionally you will need scourers and sponges to use those products.


In almost all residential colleges you will be provided with a bed, but the linen is something there you will have to bring yourself. Make sure that you pick up 2 sets of linen so that you will still be able to use one whilst you are washing the others.

Electronics Equipment


Students depend heavily on electronic devices so you must also make sure that you have everything you need as well as chargers. It may also make sense for you to take out insurance for those devices if they are expensive, in case you lose, damage or have those items stolen. This is a small price to pay for the coverage there you will be provided with.

Home Comforts

No matter how confident you are, there is always a possibility that you may end up missing home, which is why one or two home comforts are a good idea to pack in your case. This may be something as simple as a family photograph, anything there will give you some solace on those days when you are missing life back home.

This is the bare minimum that you should take with you before you head off to university.