May 23, 2024

A Guide On Graduate Entry Medicine

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Entry-level medicine is a path for graduates and certificate holders who need to consider medicine. Postgraduate medical programs are accelerated, so it usually takes four years to complete, instead of five or six years on standard entry courses.

The Graduate Entry Medicine

Graduate Entry Medicine started 20 years ago, with the main courses offered by St Georges in London and the newly formed Leicester-Warwick Medical School. It is a very famous course that currently represents 10% of all admissions to the Faculty of Medicine, according to BMC Medical Education.

The most recent information from the MSC shows that some Postgraduate courses in Medicine receive 34 candidates for each vacancy – but few in each strange Medical School proclaim this, so the fact of the matter is likely to be significantly more serious.

The Application

One needs to apply for Postgraduate Medicine at UCAS, just as one would have done to obtain the degree certificate. At the time of registration, one will need to submit a Personal Statement of Medicine and take the aptitude test required by Uni.

If one is unable to get a vacancy to contemplate the Graduate Program in Medicine, one may need to consider studying Medicine abroad. Several EU clinical schools currently display their doctor’s certifications in English – and these are available to graduates in the UK.