May 23, 2024

The Digital Landscape Of College Search

1 min read

A staggering statistic about the incoming generation of college students might surprise you: the average student spends upwards of eight hours online a day. While this may include time related to their instruction, it’s often spent unrelated to education. Largely, this time online is spent consuming video and photo content spread across various social media platforms. Understanding this, it’s become clear to college recruiters, marketers, and researchers that this sort of content can be pivotal in attracting students to their institution. It’s clear that other institutions have caught on as well, which can be seen through the short and engaging content being shared on their social media pages. That said, online presence is important, but not the defining factor in how prospective students make their decisions. To be better prepared to both attract and receive these students to your institution, delve into the information shared within the resource highlighted amongst this post.

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